Friday, September 6, 2013

Live Every Second

September 6 2013,Friday
Kidney Center, Banasthali

Today, i was there to get some blood sample of my uncle. In pathology lab, when we are waiting for our report, a young man aged 30 (later know after we talk but he didnot look like as), also waiting for his turn. Before i thought he is also came like me for his relatives but when i talked to him, i shocked.......

he went to baharin, a gulf country for working in the press. He was get sicked and rush to the hospital and checked with 180 BP, and he was rest there for a week and send him back to the nepal, with the report of kidney failure. He need to come twice a week to get dialysis and waiting to get kidney transplant. I asked him whether we can take kidney from dead body as we get eye as same but the answer is negative.

i felt so nervous and shocked when i put myself it in shoes. he told me at last that his three relatives also get the same problem and two of them has passed away already in there young age. Its very shocking things i ever faced in my life. So he told me that this kind of problem would not happen to anybody.

My all great well wishes to him. Get well soooon.... here are some tips i would like to advice....

1. Drink enough water 5 ltr. per day.
2.Do visit nearest hospital to check your body and its function. life with happy and joy cause life is short do enjoy what makes you feel great

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Yuu Shrestha said...

Hummm.... the tips are very good.. From today i'll also do the same.. Thank you for the advice..