Monday, October 14, 2013

NYUNGNEE_Experience of Knowing Within!!!!!!!!!!!

I only heard about the Nungnee from others. Its very new to me to experience. There are so many question within me regarding it. So, I was bit confuse about whether to be a participate or be an assistant of those nungnee members by providing them food and necessary help. In this delima I met DB Dorge Guru who help me out to remove all the negative things i heard about it. His only one sentence "WHEN YOU YOURSELF CAN BE ON HEAVEN WHY ARE YOU DREAMING ABOUT HEAVEN." It gave me a kind of strong feeling to be on the member of nungnee team. Which was organized by Nepal Ahinsawadi, Swoyambhu upa kendra. 

First Day, 25th aswoj 2070,
This is the first day where all participants are called to gather at Gumpa. And as i was also interested to be there i was also went there at evening and be a part of them. 

Second Day, 26th aswoj 2070
We wake up three am in the morning and the puja start. And we got break at 8 and 11 am. then again puja start which end at 6 pm in the evening.

Last Day, 27th aswoj 2070.
Today we are not allowed to eat and even talked to each other. I m always scared what happen then. But after wake up at 3 am morning the puja program started and its becoming more tough and tough as the time passed. though i want to talk but i can't. in this way we finished our puja at 6 pm and as we are not allowed to eat and talk. there is nothing to do. So, i went to the bed early but its very hard to pass the time. Each second is like an hour and the day become year for me. I couldn't sleep whole night, i just turn this side that side to make myself comfortable to sleep but all my effort went to vain. I was just dreaming of the next day what i can do and where i would like to go. In this way i passed that night and wake up early 2:30 am and the puja start at as usual and it ends at 6 am. And guru help us to break our fast. And at that time when i was given permission to take the food, i felt i got new life again. That makes me great experience of spending days without food and water. 

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Yuu Shrestha said...

I also had that experience once in Nangki Gumba for 16 days.. It was so difficult when you not allowed to talk, drink and eat.. But that helped me to purify my body, mind and even my Soul....